Dunlop Cross-Ply Tires

The Dunlop Motorsport Tyre factory in Birmingham, England has closed their doors ending over 100 years of continuous tire production.  As a result of the closing, the vintage Dunlop Cross Ply tire line will no longer be produced.  Please note, this only affects the Cross Ply (Bias Ply) line of vintage tires.


Several of the original Dunlop molds will still be used to produce tires.  These tires will be added to the Ensign line produced in the UK and will be distributed in the US by Universal Vintage Tire.


Additionally, Avon is announcing several new sizes will be added to their line of tires produced in the UK.  The 590H15, 640H15, 600H16 and 670H16 tires will be added immediately with others to follow.


Below you can find the availability of our remaining Dunlop Cross Ply stock and check out the new Ensign and Avon tires by clicking on the box of a specific tire size.