Dayton Wire Wheels

Since 1916, Dayton Wire Wheels™ set a standard of excellence. The Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford and more than 30 automotive manufacturers including Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg chose Dayton. Dayton's were put to the test for more than 30 years of motor racing at The Indianapolis 500. Today, the heritage lives on with every wheel that leaves the plant in Dayton, Ohio.

Over the years, Dayton wire wheels have evolved through the incorporation of new technologies and superior materials, changing with the times without compromising the classic styling.

All Dayton Wire Wheels™ are built using a forged hub, polished stainless steel spokes, 4-layer nickel chrome plating and built with their exclusive Perma-True™ technology insuring you will get a maintenance free wire wheel that never requires re-truing. Dayton wire wheels are the only wire wheel available with a 3 year limited warranty.

We offer FREE Mounting and Balancing when ordering both tire and wheel combo sets of 4 or more. Knock offs are not included with any Dayton Wire Wheel.